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陶瓷吊飾課程 Ceramic Ornament Workshop

無需經驗,專為初學者而設!提供已處理500g高溫陶泥, 運用泥板方法創作,工作坊提供精美印章, 此課程可完成約6件作品!

由於製成作品必須經風乾及以高溫燒成,請耐心等候,燒製陶器需時約四星期,將以 WhatsApp 或短訊通知,屆時可自取. 所有作品於接獲通知後 1 個月內領取,否則將會自行處理 / 棄置,恕不另行通知

Fee includes tuition and the use of the workshop facilities, 500g of clay and firing, will be completed around 6 pieces in workshop.

Clay work takes four weeks for firing at high temperatures. Hobbyist will WhatsApp or SMS to notify students when their work is ready for collection. Works will be disposed of if not collected within a month of notification.

Class Fee (課程費用) : HKD450/person
Duration (時間) : 1.5 hours

Level:Suitable for 7+
Language:English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Student's Work