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兒童恆常陶藝課程 Children Regular Ceramic Workshop

在這些課程中,孩子將通過陶泥來培養他們的敏捷性和創造力。他們可以學習陶藝基本製作技巧,如手捏、盤築、泥板、不同工具的運用 、施釉等,並會講解陶藝的基礎知識。 學員除了能認識陶瓷技巧和發揮創意外,訓練耐性及專注力.從概念發展到應用技巧,刺激小朋友思維及創造力。


基本手捏課程為8堂 / 拉坯課程為8堂, 按學員進度而調整. 基本課程完成後, 學員可與導師討論及自由創作, 從而可學到更多有關陶瓷的知識及深化個人技巧.

In these classes child will develop their agility and creativity through the medium of clay. They can learn how to turn their ideas into clay using techniques such as pinch pots, coil building, slab rolling, tools application and Glazing knowledge. They will explore many hand building and decorating techniques to produce a range of different and exciting outcomes. From concept development to skills application, stimulate children's thinking and creativity and also train their patience, concentration.

After completing the basic hand-sculpting skills course, students can learn wheel throwing technique. Students can learn to make different forms of utensils, such as bowls, cups, vases, plates and teapots. tudents can solid the foundation so that they can complete their personal creations at their own pace in the future.

The basic hand-building course is 8 lessons / the wheel-throwing course is 8 lessons, adjusted according to the progress of the students. After the basic course is completed, the students can discuss and create freely with the instructor, so as to learn more knowledge about ceramics and deepen their personal skills.

Level:Suitable for all Levels
Language:Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Schedule(時間) : 1.5 hrs

Class (課堂) : 4 sessions / month
Age (年齡) : 7-18
Fee (費用) : HKD1,100
(exclude material and firing fees)

Pls email to info@hobbyistceramic.com for further information and to check availability.